Crimes Against Humanity & Torture/Terrorism

Crimes Against Humanity & Torture/Terrorism

Why does your country not arrest the staff and racist residents of Cordaan. I know. But does your public and Police force know why? Stop abusing the sick for profit via total FRAUD and ABUSE. We, the International community, tracked one year of High Tech Ethnic Cleansing and the staff are Terrorising and trying to murder me. You were asked to stop this by the United Nations in February 2020, when I was moved in to the Stadionburrt. YOU did not stop this as a community. Cordaan uses members of Stadionbuurt community to abuse and trap the sick. This is a disgusting crime against the sick. For the record, since BREXIT, and since the Systemically Racist community spied on and targetted me and my nations, this Ethnic Cleansing and community-stalking attacks have been happening for the last 10 years, Everyone in the security forces knows your nation is actually doing this and nobody likes Ethnic Cleansing as it is like the Holocaust. YOUR COMPANY'S behaviour is why they Government quit and why there must be compensation pay outs now. I should not even be in Amsterdam considering the Ethnic Cleansing compensation is over 30,000 euros and I have not even been paid yet. The staff are racists, and attempting murder, and then passing it off as mental illness when that is FRAUD BY CORDAAN. All the agencies are aware of your crimes btw. Martin Kamstra, Dick van T'Off, Rowald, Edith, Gerrit, Lysianne, Henk Jan Vos and the inGeest Staff are all criminals who are doing FRAUD and TERRORISM and TORTURE to me. They totally abuse the sick people here with FRAUD and other abuses outlined in this article by Het Parool, so Dutch journalists are already aware of the cover up and disgusting FRAUD between the Gemeente, the GGZ, the Psychiatry and places like CORDAAN who profit from abuses and chronic illness which becomes a trap. I am so so so sorry to report this again and again to racists. Here is a prototype of my latest Multimedia Arts project btw: Literally stop lying to the Police and Gemeente and arrest these social care criminals. All the best, Will

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None. Ethnic Cleansing/Terrorism/Torture/Fraud and perverting the justice is a jail sentence for those involved and I am pushing for this legally.

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The staff are evil.

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